Social Responsibility

It is our duty to improve quality of life for our staff - after all, our people are the very life blood of our company.



Like any truly successful company in Pakistan, we have long recognised the responsibility we have to our staff and their families - and to the communities in which we operate. At Tazij Group we have committed ourselves to a comprehensive and ongoing policy of social uplifting which manifests itself in many different forms and initiatives.

A doctor visits our abattoir regularly - attending to the medical needs of the work force. Our medical assistance programme also features a day clinic which facilitates primary health care as well as educating.

The management, staff and employees of Tazij Meats all enjoy a company funded residential complex and mess with fresh meals available during all shifts which are open to all suppliers and guests as well.

Our Philosophy

At Tazij Meats, our philosophy is a simple one; we treat everyone with respect and always make the extra effort. Our customers, our employees, our suppliers –  each form an essential link in the chain of our growth and success. We are a versatile, flexible company capable of reacting quickly to the needs of our customers.

As our company slogan says “always fresh”. One might assume we are talking about product quality, which we are. But we are also talking about quality people, quality service, quality attitude and quality relations.


It is only through the dedication of our people that we are able to deliver such consistent quality.

The care and management of livestock is a highly demanding business - combining the most up-to-date thinking from across the globe with the experience and knowledge that local farmers have been gathering since before the dawn of time. Our ongoing success can be directly attributed to the many different people that we have assembled within the Tazij Group management and team. Our in-house teams encompass the whole spectrum of experience and expertise - all of which combine to enable us to provide exceptional levels of quality and service throughout the Group.

From within our ranks we can draw on all the skills needed in the production of the highest quality meat products. From the Animal Sciences to Human Resources, Administration, Maintenance and Training, all our staff is dedicated to our constant drive for excellence.From our dedicated team of directors and managers, to the teams of drivers who keep our entire organisation moving, the Tazij Group family pay eloquent testament to our belief in "Quality through Control".


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