The Abattoir

At every stage of the process quality control is of the utmost importance.

Our abattoir is used for the slaughter of export quality animals only and is one of the most modern facilities of its kind found anywhere in Pakistan. With a capacity to process up to 500 heads of cattle and 1000 sheep/goats every day, we make use of the very best equipment and technology throughout the slaughter process.

Tazij Meats seeks to be recognised for the commitment of its people to the highest standards of productivity, hygiene, house keeping and general maintenance and desires to position itself for sustainable growth in line with the demand by its consumers.

At Tazij Meats we believe in humane slaughtering practices and have put in place systems which make sure that these are maintained and controlled and that subsequent processes comply with the strictest health standards. We carry out ongoing health and quality inspections with absolutely no tolerance for sub-standard hygiene practices of any kind and as a result of our strict application of these quality controls, we are able to minimise the risk of bacterial contamination throughout our abattoir. Hygiene standards are enhanced through a two colour, two knife system used by the slaughter team. Personal protective equipment is kept clean and overalls are changed for every shift/batch. Because of the export status that we enjoy at Tazij Meats, all health inspections before, during and after the slaughter process are carried out by the resident veterinary doctor. This allows us to meet the demanding food safety expectations of our sophisticated client base.

We have sub-divided our facility into seven main areas – 4 large Lairages (Holding Areas) excluding 2 offloading and inspection areas, 2 separate Mutton & Beef Slaughter Floors, 2 Packing Floors (8 oc to 10oc), the Meat Processing floor(8 oc to 10oc), 4 Chillers(0 oc) and 1 Blast Freezer(-40oc) and Store(-20oc) and a separate By-products Floor & Chiller.

The slaughter halls are fully automated and are equipped with the latest machinery to maximise production, safety and hygiene. Slaughtering is done Muslim style, animals are led into our custom built slaughter box where the feet are automatically gripped and the box turned to lay the animal on its side where a trained butcher slaughters the animal according to the Islamic standards. The feet are then released and the animal is lifted onto the automated conveyor for further processing. The animals hide is removed by trained technicians with the help of an automated de-hiding machine. Off-all removal is done instantly and immediately slides into the off-all area via a stainless steel slide. The carcass is then cut into the desired number of pieces with state of the art saws which are sanitized after every operation. Hydraulic lifts are installed so that the technicians can perform all the above duties with ease and in a hygienic manner.

The abattoir is ISO 9001: 2000 and Halal licensed, which demands comprehensive hygiene, 
tenderness and HACCP systems. These are implemented throughout the entire process 
resulting in top quality chilled carcasses and boneless, packaged in hygienic cloth, plastic covers or thermo pore boxes to ensure the finest quality. After the day’s production, a trained night-cleaning team cleans and sanitises the slaughter halls and equipment.

Our highly trained team of buyers are constantly on the move, visiting Farmers and carefully selecting only the very best animals for purchase by Tazij Meats. Over the years we have developed strong and lasting relationships with our Suppliers and it is this relationships that help us maintain the high quality of animals, which results in top quality meats.

Of course farmers also benefit from this special relationship. Freed of the inconvenience and cost of transporting their cattle to auctions and cattle markets, farmers know that - as long as they meet our demanding standards - they will always have a market for their animals at Tazij Meats. At livestock receiving, effective facilities allow for calm and humane off-loading, such as ramps. Lairages for livestock are of a very high standard, clean and slip-free. Troughs are cleaned daily and fresh water is available all the time via an automatic pump and drain system.

And of course, our relationship with our dealers and farmers does not stop once the animals arrive at the Abattoir. In fact we maintain constant communication with our suppliers - keeping them informed about the quality of the animals they have supplied us and helping them improve their own methods. Through regular visits to our abattoir by our suppliers, we are able to keep them informed about the very latest technology and trends in animal husbandry and the international meat market and we are able to further strengthen and maintain this vital relationship.


As part of our ongoing expansion and development, Tazij Meats, is currently working on to processes and distributes the finest quality, value added fresh halal poultry products to major export markets. Using the highest quality ingredients and the latest packaging technology, we will be offering a superior finished product with exceptional food safety and shelf life.


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