Organic farming is a farming system that works with nature's own forces. Organically farmed animals are not only good for your health but also great for the environment.

Our cattle, lamb and goats are bred & raised in natural environments and graze on grass, shrubs, herbs, plants and weed. Meat produced from a grass fed animal is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol than grain fed animals. Grass fed meat is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid); an anti carcinogenic associated with certain health benefits. Grass fed meat also has a flavour unique to the pasture and environment in which it was raised, and we are noticing more and more discerning consumers moving away from the bland grain fed Australian meat to tasty grass fed Pakistani meat in the Middle East.

Tazij Meats aims to provide exceptionally high quality meat products that are produced with both our consumers' health in mind, and that of the environment. We work closely with our suppliers to gain a better understanding of their business, so we can move forward together with the same goals in mind. If the consumer is happy with our increasing range of grass fed meat products and our suppliers are reaching their full potential, then we are well on the way to achieving our goals.

At Tazij Meats we are proud of our suppliers and help them in improving the health of their herd, their land, and the environment to produce a healthy product. Their ability to turn out a superior article in unprecedented conditions is a credit to them, and we will endeavour to increase their profit margins in the exciting years ahead. We have over 35 selected dealers & farmers supplying us with naturally fed animals. They, as a combined force have the ability to supply high quality animals 12 months of the year. All our suppliers need to meet our strict quality standards in order to be selected. To control this aspect of our business, our Supply Chain Manager, with 10 years experience in the livestock industry - inspects each supplier on a regular basis. He has worked with most of our suppliers from the time they started in the industry. This relationship has allowed us to implement a very good quality control system, which has a key focus on producer feedback.

Our entire supply of animals is 100% grass fed and grown in natural conditions. These animals always have plenty of pasture grass to eat and plenty of clean water. Animals in Pakistan are rarely housed or fed in enclosed spaces and are handled at all times in a humane and thoughtful way. Tazij Meats supplies meat to different export markets, and as such we can deliver any specifications to satisfy our customer’s needs.



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