From Farmer to Abattoir to Processing to Delivery and Shipment - our daily life is a complex ballet of time and motion.

In order to produce beef of the highest possible quality, we constantly play a delicate balancing game in order to meet the demand of our clients and the supply of animals from our farmers and dealers. Having transported the animals to the abattoirs, they must then be fed and cared for as long as they are held before processing. Once slaughtered and processed, up to 90 000 kilograms of the best quality Tazij Meats products must be transported to the Airports for delivery to our customers across the globe.

Our ability to deliver world class services to our clients is as important to us as the quality of the products we produce. Thus, in order to keep this 'machine' of ours constantly rolling - to meet our clients' demands - we make use of an advanced GPS satellite tracking system to control and monitor our fleet of 5 modern specially designed chiller trucks, as we cover 4 major Airports in a complex web of supply & demand with every stage of the process critical to our ongoing success.Use of such facilities makes it possible for us to offer the very best service to all our clients across the globe. When it comes to meat, we take the outmost care in maintaining extensive quality controls all the way from the farm to the destination country. It is our principle of quality through control that has made it possible for us to satisfy even the most demanding clients. It is these principles that enable us to penetrate international markets not open to other companies.



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